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  • aloha, I clicked a link to send feedback from the Live Care or One Care or (insert confusing title here) application.

    Now I'm in a forum. Great.

    Since I installed the new application (let's call it, live-one-care-maybe-deluxe-trial), defender appears to be disabled. That's fine except that now I get a msg telling me to turn it on because I'm not protected. I don't believe I was ever asked or informed about this decision. I guess the develoeprs feel like my machine is really only mine when I run software I wrote myself?? Your dev practices seem based in some reality where tyrany is the norm. A sort of thug mentality when it comes to my personal needs.

    I used to be able to control startup programs with defender. Now I get a message telling me that some startup programs have been disabled. That's fine, I'd really like to disable more software that is running. The new program (let's call it system-level-three-admin-half-baked) only lets me enable or disable "all" unlike the defender interface.

    I have only been confused at this level by verizon software so please forgive my ignorance.

    I have two requests.

    1) a.Either do security right, meaning for free since you are responsible for securing your os (not me as you might try and have me believe) or b. Don't do security at all and let me suffer from the other security options out there. -meaning lose data regularly and buy a new machine every year.

    2) Don't penalize me for being offline when I want to contact you. If you knew what I just went through to contact you (no I';m not alone) things would be different. Your best practice should include creating applcations with a casually connected metaphor that takes into consideration the fact that I may not care, know or want to care or no whether I am connected to the Internet when I want to send feedback.

    Please have the not knowing whether I'm connected to the Internet conversation with Verizon or anyone else besides me.

    Finally, since I'll probably never visit this forum again, please follow up with me at the email address I'm signed in with (yes, I see the alert me checked below). Only following up with me here is just another indication that you are oblivious to my needs. I may possibly check back in a month or so when I pull more hair out figuring out which anti-virus, uh wait, is it anti-spyware, oh wait, is it malware, oh wait, maybe it's a bug, or maybe you don't even know, which software I should be using.

    Heck, I can't even tell if I want to leave a question or a comment. Is that a prequalification to "sending feedback"?

    Only a company in your position could afford to do security marketing halfway right and the implemenation halfway wrong.

    Please indicate your specific intentions with regard to sercuring your operating system.

    Hint: Don't have marketing write the intention.

    Saturday, February 23, 2008 8:12 PM

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  • Open OneCare, click Change Settings, Tune-up tab, click change startup

    settings. Select the programs you wish to turn off.


    Since I'm not a Microsoft employee and the forum is for community discussions, I can't provide specific intentions for securing the OS except to note that Microsoft provides updates for security problems via Windows Update. There is a firewall in Windows and Windows Defender is free. Virus and Spyware protection is provided by 3rd parties and will likely always be. OneCare is a solution that is optional.



    Monday, February 25, 2008 2:30 AM