Unknown error 0x80048051 while trying to set up a domain name in WHS v1 RRS feed

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  • For several months, I haven't been able to use the remote access features of WHS v1 because the ISP in my new home provided a router with slightly-broken firmware.  Today, I was finally able to upgrade the firmware and start configuring the remote access features again.  (In other words, they worked before, but with a different ISP in a different state with a different router.)

    When I try to set up my custom domain name, I'm prompted for my Live ID and password.  (I've confirmed that they work at live.com)  When I click "Next", I get the following message: 

    Domain Name Setup Failed

    The following error occurred during Domain Name Setup:

    Unknown error (0x80048051) 80048051

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed?  I've rebooted the server, but the problem still remains.  The only references I can find to that error number pertain to the Outlook Connector for Hotmail. 

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 6:04 AM

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  • I've since verified that I can reach my Windows Home Server remotely using my router's external IP address.  But I still can't configure the domain name.  I really just want to get the domain name back to what it used to be before I moved and switched ISPs.  

    Any suggestions?

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011 6:15 AM
  • For what it's worth, here are the contents of the ddns log from an attempt to set up my domain name:


    Main started
    [7/26/2011 7:20:43 PM 1620] MAIN: COM initialized successfully
    [7/26/2011 7:20:43 PM 938] INIT: Service started.
    [7/26/2011 7:20:43 PM 1520] MAIN: Main service thread started initialization
    [7/26/2011 7:20:43 PM 1520] MAIN: Registering COM object
    [7/26/2011 7:20:43 PM 1520] MAIN: Declaring service as running
    [7/26/2011 7:20:47 PM 1520] Checking validity certificates with the name PaulAndJeri.homeserver.com in MY
    [7/26/2011 7:20:47 PM 1520] CertOpenStore ok.
    [7/26/2011 7:20:47 PM 1520] Cert PaulAndJeri.homeserver.com validity for is 15189172
    [7/26/2011 7:20:47 PM 1520] Checking if certificate with the name PaulAndJeri.homeserver.com in MY is 1024 bit
    [7/26/2011 7:20:47 PM 1520] CertOpenStore ok.
    [7/26/2011 7:20:47 PM 1520] CertGetPublicKeyLength returned with 1024 
    [7/26/2011 7:20:55 PM 1520] ERROR: Could not open PPEnv key hr = 0x80004005
    [7/26/2011 7:21:15 PM 1520] ERROR: Failed to LogonIdentityEx hr = 0x80048051
    [7/26/2011 7:24:28 PM 1520] MAIN: Service shutting down.
    [7/26/2011 7:24:28 PM 1620] INIT: Service is down.
    MAIN: Exited
    [7/26/2011 7:44:34 PM 17e0] 

    Doing web searches on "Could not open PPEnv key" and "Failed to LogonIdentityEx" weren't very helpful.

    Wednesday, July 27, 2011 3:06 AM