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  • I had Money 2003 on my old PC but my new one doesn't have a disc drive.  I have a Money.bak backup of data but it looks like I can't get a version of Money on my new PC that will take this backup. Is that correct or can someone tell me how to get my old backup working in something on my current PC please?
    Friday, October 26, 2018 12:25 PM

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  • Install Money with the appropriate link from the what is currently the second post in this forum. Then if you install Plus, add the patch from the first post in this forum.

    I hope the file you refer to is money.mbf rather than .bak. If not, search the old computer for *.mbf files.

    1.  On the old computer, close Money.

    2.   copy your latest *.mny file or *.mbf to your flash drive.
    Open Windows Explorer (WindowsKey+E is one way to do that)

    Click Tools->FolderOptions->View and un-tick (remove check mark on)

    the HideExtensionForKnownFileTypes.  Click OK.  That way you will

    be able to see the actual .mny part of the filename.

    5.  Move the USB flash drive to the new computer.  Copy your *.mny or *.mbf
    file to your Documents folder on the new computer..

    6.  Right-click the copied file in the Documents folder, and choose Open.
    That should launch Money.

    7.  Once inside, Tools->Settings->BackupSettings to set the backups to a
    place that exists on the new computer.  Use Browse to help find a
    place that exists.  Consider your backup strategy.  You may want to
    make the upon-exit backup to be a place in your Documents folder,
    and put your scheduled backup on a Flash drive.  That way, a hard
    drive crash does not make you lose all of your backups.

    Friday, October 26, 2018 2:10 PM
  • Cal's advice is good and I hope it works for you ~ but you may not like the newer version of Money as much as your older Money 2003 version.

    I assume you have the original installation disk for Money 2003 ~ if so, you could approach a friend with a PC or laptop the does have a disk drive and simply copy all the files on your CD across to a sufficiently large memory stick ~ stick this in a USB socket on your new machine and install as usual. I have successfully installed Money 2000 on a 64 bit Windows 10 Prof OS, so you too should be OK.

    As Cal also advises, make sure you backup to a physically separate drive ~ it doesn't matter if it is internal or external nor whether it is a spinning (Winchester) hard drive or a more modern 'Solid State Drive' ~ just don't backup to a different 'partition' on the same physical drive as your working Money data file - if that's all you did, and that physical drive failed you would lose your *.mny file and your *.mbf files. And always save a number of backups each with a slightly different name - because if you backup a data file that is corrupt the backup itself will also be corrupt.



    Sunday, October 28, 2018 5:03 PM