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    1. Fullscreen photo caller ID and bigger letters. The caption with phone nu,ber is small. (Without using aditional applications. Nokia had same problem on S60, and they solved it in new version).
    2. Normal Windows Media Player. It's better to make a bigger buttons, than big cover picture and button to website with media or smth... I think nobody uses it.
    3. Internet explorer, based on IE 8. With tabs support. Oh yes, I forgot.. Nobody uses built-in IE... Every device can use Opera Mini, and some device manufacturers set Opera as default browser.
    4. Memory leaks! Even if I don't do anything with my mobile device, free memory disappears.
    5. Normal application close button! Or additional setting, which applications must be closed, or which minimized. (I have such setting, but is OEM application)
    6. Setting of soft-keys on Today screen.
    7. Profiles!!! (Meeting, outdoor, normal, quiet, silent...)
    8. Setting to switch off SMS-Chat. It can be done through registry, but to modify registry, you must pay additional money..
    9. Themes! If Microsoft want's to make WM more popular it should make a possibility to make normal themes. Not only color and wallpaper. I want to change bars, colors, fonts, animation, sounds... Everything.
    10. Screensaver. Like If you don't use your device for 1 minute it show big digital or analog clock.
    11. Easier contacts. Just hide 3/4 of fields. Make tabs. General, Home, Work, Misc.
    12. Saving settings to a separate file. (It will help after hard-reset)
    Friday, October 17, 2008 7:41 PM