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  • Back before the latest service pack all was running well.  But now all of my laptops are failing to restore to their previous state after a backup.

    Everything else about backup and restore is running fine.  I have restored two computers, one multiple times, so I know that the basic backup is working fine.  If I'm using a computer and backup kicks off then there are no problems.  But if a computer is in sleep or hibernate then the backup kicks off but next morning the computer is powered on and running.  That's for all 5 computers!  One is XP, one is running Vista basic, one is running Vista Premium, and two are Windows 7 (one is Premium the other is ultimate).  I've tried several workarounds including changing the power plan to cause the computers to sleep after a period of time, but there is something else going on that causes problems.  What I don't know, but when I'm traveling with my main portable the sleep and hibernate functions work fine so the problem is tied to the homeserver backup.

    Logs for Home Server show everything backed up fine.  I can't find any log on the PCs for backup - if anyone knows where they are then please let me know.

    So the only common denominator is Home Server.  And like I said before, all was working well previously but one of the updates I suspect created the problem.

    Is this a known bug?  I've found nothing yet to indicate so.  Any suggestions or leads (but please no work arounds)?

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010 4:36 PM

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  • The client logs can be found on following locations:

    Windows Home Server Connector Logs (Windows XP):
    %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Home Server\logs
    Windows Home Server Connector (Vista & Windows 7):
    %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Home Server\logs

    Power management events are usually parts of the Windows Event logs. I don't see any problem on my PCs connected to WHS going to hibernate and vice versa (although I have configured my backups to run during the busy time, therefore the connector software does not wake any client for backup). But you can find some reports in the forums dating from the introduction of Windows Home Server to now.

    If your desktop is configured to go into standby or hibernate, it should usually do this. If not, it can be some active application blocking the hibernate process. Eventually it helps to run chkdsk /f yon the client disks, if there is a problem, which blocks Backup from being reported as completed.

    We had also reports in these forums, which showed external devices as sleep blocker (i.e. a mouse like in this thread).

    Best greetings from Germany

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010 7:32 PM
  • I'm assuming that the key information is in BackupEngine log.  There appeared to be no errors logged backup kicked off just fine and it shows it completing.  Any information on what I should be looking for here would be appreciated.

    I did find in another log, that is the Connector Log, an entry that showed "Partner Shut Down Connection."  I'm surprised that there is no entry indicating that Connector is trying to put the computer in the previous state.

    Ran one test by reinstalling the connector software on one of the Windows 7 machines.  This didn't change anything.

    Ran a separate test on one of the Windows 7 machines to verify sleep was working.  Took it out of the network onto a separate network from the Home Server, did a wake on LAN from another PC, played around with remote console, let everything idle down, and then waited for a while until it went into sleep mode just fine. After a period of time it hibernated just fine.  Put it back on the home network and this morning it's sitting there running after last nights backup.

    So sleep is working fine unless a backup takes place, connector software is clean, and 5 computers with 3 different operating systems are running every morning when they should be shutting down.  I'm beginning to believe that this problem is something in the Homeserver software communicating to the connector software since it's the only common denominator.

    Any further info on what I can look for in the logs or a description of how the homeserver backup mechanism works would be appreciated!

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010 3:10 PM