Cannot create new Record - EntityState must be set to null, Created (for Create message) or Changed (for Update message) RRS feed

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  • Hi Guys

    I am trying to use linq to perform CRUD actions against CRM 2011, all retrieves are working great but I am having some issues creating new records. I can successfully create new ACCOUNT & OPPORTUNITY records but I am unable to create a CustomerAddress or Contact record, example code can be seen below:

    The Exception is: "EntityState must be set to null, Created (for Create message) or Changed (for Update message)"

    Before you ask, yes I have tried setting entity.EntityState = null and entity.EntityState = EntityState.Created



    CustomerAddress newAddress = new CustomerAddress()


    Name =


    "Test Add",

    Line1 =


    "Test Line 1",

    ParentId =


    new Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.EntityReference(Contact.EntityLogicalName, parentRecordId),

    Id =




    Any Help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks  


    Monday, February 21, 2011 7:20 PM


  • I think you've misunderstood the purpose of Linq to CRM.  It's only meant to retrieve data, not create/update/delete.  Ultimately it just maps to a queryexpression.  Unless there was a major change in direction with the 2011 linq support (which I haven't seen any mention of anywhere) then compliance rules of CRM still forbid direct data layer updates (even through linq).

    Send your C_UD through the CRM SDK.

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011 1:10 AM