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  • Okay so I was first banned from communications on like June 8 2017, I didnt think much of it because I always seem to get banned just out of the blue. So after my first day of being banned...AGAIN! I get another message telling me I couldnt play online until the 22 of June, literally the day after I get uncoms banned, so it ticked me off at first, but then I was just like ok fine then Ill do something else. So after miserably waiting two whole weeks not being able to play online or chat, I finally hop on, I try to send a message and it know what. So I see if I can play online and I can, but Im still coms banned. So I go to And it says I have no current suspensions. So I hit up microsofts customer service, they look into it and say that I actually just got coms banned again. So I say hold up fam, how did I get banned again during the two weeks of me being banned from online and chat, in that case there is NO way I violated the code of conduct because I literally cant do ANYTHING. So I just sigh in disbelief and ask how long the ban is, the she tells me I get unbanned on the 21 of September of 2017, it is currently JUNE, thats like TWO...TWOOOOO months. Someone please tell me the enforcement team is trolling me. How, just how do you get coms banned for TWO WHOLE MONTHS, while already coms banned and online ban. Yet to this day in my enforcement history does not contain this ban, this must be a bug, please someone help me. For any employees my gamertag is exactly this H311HOUND99, so you can review this issue, I appreciate anyone willing to take the time and effort to solve this drastic issue.

    Saturday, June 24, 2017 2:40 AM


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