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    Just upgraded from Office 2000 to 2007. I have a few hundred professional assoicates and clients. Under 2000, when I entered a contact's last name, I'd use the format <lastname/company name>. I may not remember the last name of the person, but all I'd have to do is enter "/companyname" and all the contacts in that company would pop up and jog my memory as to who I'd want to call or email.

    Under 2007 this is either not happeneing at all or rarely happens. If I enter "/companyA" either no one pops up, or maybe only 1 or 2 of the 6 or 7 contacts I know are in the list there will show up.

    I've experiemented with entering the company name in the company name block to see if that works, and it returns nothing. 

    I've tried searching on "More columns" as well, and this makes no difference. In fact I can't find anything in help that explains what "more columns" is even for.

    So now I'm reduced to scrolling through a couple hundred contacts looking for someone if I happen to forget their name.

    Either this is a giant step backwards, or I'm not using this corectly...and would appreciate knowing how to do so.





    Wednesday, November 21, 2007 2:18 PM

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  • I agree with you.  I am having the same problem - how can the address book search be so blind?!?


    Tuesday, January 15, 2008 7:22 PM
  • Did someone find a solution for this problem.

    I have exactly the same problem... :-(






    Sunday, March 2, 2008 6:04 PM
  • same problem - It is equally dysfunctional with Business Contact Manager add-in contacts.  For example, it will find a particular contact if typed into the mini-search box, but won't find the same contact if you type the name in the "advanced find".  In addition, the same name doesn't show up on the list of contacts within the expanded search dialog box.


    Friday, April 4, 2008 2:18 PM
  • I don't have a solution but here is a tidbit that might help MS understand the problem better.  Open a vcard that is not being found in your searches.  Hit the Close&Save button and see if that card is now found.  I have a related problem and this fixes it.  The solution is no good since I would have to resave thousands of vcards to fix my search problem. 

    Friday, May 2, 2008 5:26 PM
  • Still happening to me with SP1 MSO installed. I'm migrating from Office 2000. When I was, to say, in "Inbox" folder, and I looked up for "uk" it showed me also all emails matching "uk" in the email address, which is a must for my work, having thousands of contacts. Now, filling the "From:" or "To:" fields in instant search, having all possible folders indexed, returns nothing.


    I've tried to re-save all contacts, and still having no matches. Disgraceful.


    Any ideas?


    Thursday, July 3, 2008 7:35 AM