Streets & Trips Tied to Calendar Events RRS feed

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  • This is not a new topic and doesn't need to be redefine here.

    I bought into Microsoft in the days of DOS and grew up with all the versions of Windows, each better than the last!

    I've been a ST user since it was introduced because of my loyalty to MS, not for functionality of ST, there were much better option on the market. It is now 2013 and there really has been no improvement in the product but a few trivial high school programming tricks with the interface and a port of "current but reused" data into the database.

    Calendar dates are absolutely the #1 requirement of any trip planning software. How did those high school programmers miss this customer requirement? All Trip planning programs do POI and GPS with the same exact MAPs.

    I have a lot of Microsoft software programming horsepower loaded on all my computers and servers and still, not one of them, can figure out what dates I will be at different events around the country; EXCEPT my Outlook Calendar and all my friends I share it with. Even still correlating an event date with a trip stop in ST requires a great deal of double entry accompanied by some brain power to count squares on my Outlook Calendar. The process is full of user error. This is why the computer was invented, to handle errors in counting "money". 

    This year I'm going to vote with my dollars and just use Outlook, Excel, and Google Maps. Awkward, but effective. Google will even download and display my route and trip notes on my GPS too.

    My question is when will you stop taking a back seat and become a leader? You have a customer base that continues to buy ST without the #1 requirement being fulfilled.

    Frustrated & Loyal Microsoft Customer.

    Thursday, May 30, 2013 3:07 AM