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  • The first suggestion is to redesign your Forums page. The Forums selection page is 396,572 lines long, give or take a few lines. This is absolutely ridiculous. Im spending way too long searching for the appropriate Forum. You need to either 1)List all the Major Forum Topics on one page and move the "sub forum" topics to another page that can be navigated to once the "Major Forum" topic is selected. Or implement a few DropDownList controls on the page to select a subforum once a "Major Forum" topic has been selected. You guys are smart enough to figure this out without my help but you need to seriously realize that developers or anybody looking for help does not want to spend 20 minutes just to find the Forum they are looking for. So lets get something going where we can start with a broad Forum topic and drill down to a more specific Forum as we make major selecvtions. Kind of a guided path to the information we are looking for.

     Listing "every available forum" on one page, with "every" sub-forum underneath the Major forum topic is just ridiculous. Im surprised I even have to point this out but it seems that is the case.

    At the very LEAST, and this requires the least effort on your part. List all the "Major Forum Topics" at the top of the page as hyperlinks to other sections of the page, without all the sub-forums and then we can find the "Major Forum Topic" we want to read and can "jump" to the sub-forums. It is just taking way too much time to scroll the "entire" page to find a specific Forum. This is not really the idea solution but maybe as a temporary solution while a more well thought out design is implemented.

    My second and third suggestions are for the next patch/update to Visual Studio 2010. I love intellisense. Its the most incredible wonderful idea since sliced bread. I can't imagine programming today without it. But two things annoy me to no end about intellisense.

       First annoying thing is: The predefined time limit of the intellisense popup method descriptions. This needs to be configurable in multiple ways. When I am looking for a function through intellisense and I come across a function that I am unfamiliar with, its awesome to have a description of the function popup giving detailed information about what it does, the parameter list, etc. But its annoying as ____ to be reading the method signatures and then have that information disappear after a few seconds when I am right in the middle of still reading it and trying to understand it. I offer two suggestions on making this more customizable to the developers needs.

            1)Let the developer set how long the method description is displayed

            2)And this is my personal preference. Display the popup method description indefinitely until the programmer clicks something on screen, could be any thing(the popup itself, anything but the popup, whatever),  that lets VS2010 know he is done reading and ready to move forward.

        My second suggestion for intellisense is to allow the programmer to change the position of the popup on the screen. We as developers need more configurability. Its very annoying to have intellisense popup right over portions of the screen Im trying to "read"!  Sometimes I need to read the code just above the line that I am actually typing in. When intellisense pops up it blocks the code above the current line. And then I am wasting time trying to get the intellisense off the screen because there is something I need to read that its blocking. Give us configurability as to where intellisense pops up. Allow us to change the position on the fly with mouseclicks. Maybe I need to see the 3 lines of code above where I am typing. Maybe I am inserting a few lines of code into a function and I need to see the 3 lines below the current line I am typing. I would love to be able to just click something on screen and have intellisense move to where I want it. I personally only need options to pop it above or below the current line but maybe somebody else wants it at top of screen, maybe someone else at bottom of screen. Make this stuff configurable.

    Anyone who wants to chime in on these suggestions please feel free. Oh, and if by chance(slim chance) my intellisense suggestions have already been implemented and you can help me configure the intellisense pop-up time limit or the popup position, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Monday, December 20, 2010 8:57 AM

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  • > The first suggestion is to redesign your Forums page.

    The first comment is that there isn't a single "your Forums" page.

    Each of the different providers of forums - MSDN; TechNet etc. has their own starter Forums page which lists only the forums you can get to via and etc.

    Each therefore are of different length as the number of forums listed varies. If you are objecting to a particular one, you need to say which one.

    The second comment is that having only the major Forum Topics listed would only be a good idea if the forums listed under each title were the logical forums for that title. In many cases they aren't.

    (Examples below from the TechNet set)

    For instance 1: The Microsoft Enterprise Search forum major heading doesn't just contain search forums, it also includes several SharePoint 2010 forums that have nothing to do with Search (search questions would logically only be valid in one of them)

    For instance 2: The SharePoint 2010 Major forum heading used until recently to be called something completely different beginning with Microsoft and not mentioning SharePoint at all. This previous name is still in effect present because the SharePoint 2010 Major forum appears in what otherwise is an alphabetical list of Major forums just before the "Microsoft Enterprise Search" major heading. It does not reappear in its correct alphabetical place.

    In the MSDN set, Team Foundation Server forums appear under a Visual Studio major heading (one of several Visual Studio major headings).


    The first two examples also indicate another reason why the lists are long - namely that the same forums appear in those two cases *twice*.


    But, the main problem is actually that you are asking the wrong people. I've earlier had a reply from the forum software people here that what the TechNet people decide to list and how in *their* main page for Forums is up to them.

    You should therefore check which set of forums you are asking about and (I bet it's MSDN as that is the longest!) ask in a MSDN (if that's what it is) forum for such questions.


    P.S. Shouldn't your suggestions for Visual Studio 2010 be in a VS 2010 forum. I don't see them as having *any* relevance to the forums as such and having them in this post will probably mean the forum people here will ignore the whole post. A post with only your forum comment would almost certainly have got a reply by now. 

    SP 2010 "FAQ" (mainly useful links):
    WSS3/MOSS FAQ (FAQ and Links)
    Both also have links to extensive book lists and to (free) on-line chapters
    Wednesday, December 22, 2010 3:12 PM

    Your observations regarding my suggestions for Visual Studio 2010 are absolutely correct. They don't have any relevance to suggestions regarding the forums. I just kinded of tacked those onto the end hoping someone at Microsoft would read them. And since my first point was the major point to be made I didn't bother looking for the appropriate forum. To have posted suggestions with regard to Visual Studio 2010 in the appropriate forum would have required more time to hunt down "the perfect forum".

    I appreciate your reply. Your basically saying that, it is what it is and there ain't really anything that can be done. It was just a suggestion.

    I will try harder not to be so lazy in the futre. :)

    System configuration: Windows 7 RTM, Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L motherboard, Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6300 Wolfdale @ 2.8GHz, 4GB PC-1066 DDR2 Patriot Viper Memory, 500 GB Western Digital Hard Disk, "GeForce 8800GT" videocard
    Wednesday, December 22, 2010 8:23 PM