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  • Help me out here. Some of my keywords from various campaigns are getting rejected because the "Lading page content is not relevent"  I think you logic for making this decision is flawed.  Here are some examples.


    Campaign: Ghost Hunting
    Order: Ghost Hunting

    Insider Secrets to Understanding the Spirit World and Ghost Hunting

    Reasons for rejected keywords:
    Ghost Hunting Supplies
    • Landing page content not relevant
    Ghost Hunts
    • Landing page content not relevant
    Ghost Hunting Tips
    • Landing page content not relevant
    Ghost Hunting Kits
    • Landing page content not relevant

    Here is the link I am directing this ad too: www.read-how.com/recommends/GhostHunting  These keywords are exact matches to what the page is selling, a guide to help in real ghost hunts.  What logic would say these don't apply?  I am trying not to be too negative here, but really would like to understand this logic so I can factor it in before I set up my campaigns.  Here is another example:


    Campaign: Amazing Smoothies
    Order: Low Calories

    Low Calorie Smoothies
    Smoothies For Health - Low Calories, Weight Loss & Fighting Disease!

    Reasons for rejected keywords:
    Low Calorie Desert
    • Landing page content not relevant
    Low Calorie Deserts
    • Landing page content not relevant

    Here is the page these are going to: http://www.read-how.com/recommends/AmazingSmoothies  Again, these keywords are a perfect fit.  The site is touting low calories, weight loss, the 5 a day program, etc.  Why is the logic rejecting these based on content not being relavent?  Some of these I have had re-instated but was told not to change anything or they would get rejected again. 


    So how does this logic work?  What is it looking for and not finding that is making them reject?  I make enough mistakes on my own getting keywords rejected I don't need any more help from the relevantcy logic, hehe.  By the way, I followed the link in the rejection email entitled "What are the Editorial Guidelines? " and didn't find enough information there to help.  Here what is says about relevance.


    Ad relevance

    Make sure that your ads are relevant by following these guidelines:

    • Do not use offensive or inappropriate language.
    • Do not advertise illegitimate or illegal products or services.
    • Do not mislead or create the wrong impression with the user.
    • Be accurate, truthful, and specific.
      • Ad content should provide a clear and accurate description of your website.
      • Ad content should be as specific as possible; include keywords, if possible.
      • The landing page should provide clear, direct access to content that is related to the keyword.
      • Geographically targeted ads should include the targeted location within the ad.


    Smile dave.

    Thursday, June 14, 2007 2:03 AM

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  • Hi Dave,

    I am going to send your post off to our Editorial team to see if they can help explain this. I will let you know as soon as I hear back from them.


    Thanks for your patience with this.


    Friday, June 15, 2007 5:57 PM
  • Thanks Carolyn,


    This one is really kind of frustrating as I continue to get rejection emails on keywords that I think are perfect for my campaigns.  The one thing I would say about this as compared to the campaignsI run at Google, I rarely ever get rejected keywords like this at Google.  Usually the only reason there my keywords get rejected are due to bids, not the actual content of the site meeting someone's guidelines.


    Part of being an affiliate is finding little niches that you can mine and makes sales from.  Sometimes the keywords that work might seem not to fit orevenoff the wall, but it can still make for a successful campaign.  That's part of the trick of it all.  I would like  to see these rules eased waaaaay up to let us post and bid on what ever we want.


    Smile dave.

    Monday, June 18, 2007 12:10 AM
  • Hi Dave,

    Here's some info from our editorial team regarding your questions.


    First - have you submitted an appeal for the rejections you're receiving? This would be the first step in getting your keywords/ads approved if you believe they're being rejected unfairly. To submit an appeal, please contact adCenter Support - they will send you a template to fill out. Once you submit the appeal, your keywords/ads will be manually reviewed and the rejections may be overturned.


    The team reviewed your Ghost Hunting page and concluded the following possibilities:

    1. The initial landing page scrolls too much and is probably getting flagged for this reason. (This situation is not covered in the policy and the editorial team have taken note of this.)
    2. Misspellings on landing page: “desert” instead of “dessert,” “consuption” instead of “consumption,” etc.
    3. Landing page contains a popup, albeit a programmatic one, it is still a pop-up. Pop-ups, or anything that obscure the intent of the advertisement, are not allowed.

    Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it and we're working to make the editorial process and policies clearer. I hope this info helps, please let me know how it goes.




    Wednesday, June 20, 2007 9:37 PM
  • Morning Again Carolyn,


    I am not sure if what I have sent in for appeal and what I have not.  I now have so many rejection emails I can't even keep straight anymore what is actually running and what is not and this is only for a small handfull of campaigns I am running here - verses what I have going on at (dare I say it) Google.  So this is an area I think really needs some attention inside of AdCenter to be able to have a central location to review your rejections, have status on them, appeal them etc.  This manual process of one by one campaign is just to cumbersome and I am to the point of ignoring the emails.  Which means I am not making sales and your not charging me for clicks so neither of us are happy.  Sad


    Thanks for the explanation, here is the situation I am in with these sites, and I am wondering if there is a tool available to help....if not I smell another enhancement idea, hehe.  What I am doing is affiliate marketing, I am advertising someone else's site who has a product to sell and if there is a sale then I get a percentage of the profit.  Works well for me because I don't have to manage any web sites nor do I have to create or stock products.  Works well for them because they don't have to pay for the clicks to get traffic to their website or know how AdCenter or Adwords works, or how to create ad copy, etc.  For me, I am at the mercy then of the folks who have the websites and the products.  The majority of the sites I promote are at www.clickbank.com and there are literally thousands.  They do seem to have formula which they like where the one page site scrolls forever with a bazillion testimonials and a pop-up for generating email lists.  The typos, I am not sure if those are intentional to try and attract traffic based on keyword misspellings or not, I would kind of dispute this editorial guideline however - um...who made Microsoft the dictionary police?  Unless, did you by Webster's now too and I just didn't know?


    Anyway..back to my tool or enhancement idea.  Could you ad a feature to AdCenter where I can enter in the URL of the site and it comes back with a report which checks against your editorial guidelines and provides a reporting of the issues?  If the report comes back clean then I know I can start working on keywords, and campaigns etc.  If not, then I will either know up front what issues I am going to have and can decide weather I want to put in the time to work around these, or if I should just ignore that site completely.



    Smile dave

    Thursday, June 21, 2007 2:29 PM
  • Hey - it's another great morning and here I am with even more suggestions.  Smile


    When you reject one of my ads or keyword or what ever, I need more info on why and what is needed to fix it.  Here is an example,


    "Website contains forbidden content - Content guidelines"


    ok...so what exactly is forbidden?  If I don't know I can't ask the advertiser/owner to fix it.  So please add to the list of possible enhancements more explicit guideline rejection reasons.


    On a side not Carolyn - if you sit anywhere near the Expression Web folks, tell them UNIX users are people too......hehehe I've been beating them up lately as well.



    Smile dave.

    Friday, June 22, 2007 2:37 PM