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  • Hi All - I'm unable to un-install Mediation server from my 2003 OCS machine. I tried it several times using Add/Remove programs but to no avail. It says :

    " An error occurred and the installer was intrerrupted before Office Communication Server 2007 Public Beta, Mediation Server could be removed".

    It also gives an error in a Add or Remove Programs pop-up window saying "Fatal error during installation".

    In fact, I had an OCS front-end server installed on the same machine earlier that I un-installed and installed Mediation server. Could that be a reason? If so or otherwise, how to get away with this error to un-install Mediation server successfully from this machine?

    Please advise.

    Thursday, July 12, 2007 7:51 PM


  • Is your issue similar to this thread?


    Can you try Mike's directions in this thread?


    If you dod not feel squeamish about editing the local Active Directory on the local domain controller then yes this can be done.


    1. Install the Windows support tools onto the local Domain Controller. They are located on the Windows 2003 Server CD in the Support\Tools folder as supptools.msi.


    2. With the support tools installed go to Start \ Run and enter adsiedit.msc and click on OK.


    3. Expand the the Domain node and then go to dc=FQDN.com, dn=System, dn=Microsoft, dn=RTCService, dn=Global Settings


    4. With Global Settings highlighted in the window on the left, the detail pane on the right will have a list of information. Expand the Class column in the details pane so you can view its contents.


    5. Notice all values that contain msRTCSIP-TrustedServer. You should have 2 of these at least. One will represent your current installation of OCS 2007 SE RC and the other will represent the legacy installation of the Public Beta OCS 2007 SE server that you are seeing in the OCS 2007 SE Admin Tools MMC. So to locate the one that we want to keep and the one that we want to remove we will have to access the Attribute list of each by right clicking on the msRTCSIP-TrustedServer entry and choosing Properties and then Attributte list.


    6. Scroll down the attrribute list and locate the msRTCSIP-TrustedServerFQDN entry. Dbl click on it to access its value. If it has the FQDN of the OCS 2007 server entry that you want removed from the OCS 2007 MMC then mentally mark this entry for deletion.


    7. Check all other msRTCSIP-TrustedServer entries for their msRTCSIP-TrustedServerFQDN value and make sure that they are correct and belong to functional servers


    8. Now it will be up to you to remove the msRTCSIP-TrustedServer entry from ther RTCService\Global Settings container. This update is permanent so be warned. You must be 100% sure that you are removing the correct entry for msRTCSIP-TrustedServer or you will be forced to reinstall the product.

    Friday, July 27, 2007 5:41 PM