Onecare cannot start - No error msg# -Workingoffline / shuting down the computer RRS feed

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  • installed live one care store bought & store set up. When I plgged in the computer It directed me to register. No great problem day 1,2,& 3. Closed my computer each night. (once or more went to work offline. Result was that onecare stopped working! No error message number? Just a small screen showing one care not working, to fix restart the computer. Tried this several times without any luck then one day it started up on its own? It lasted until I restarted the computer which got me back to my numberless error problem?

    My neighbor who is a tech came over used the norton tool & the one care tool to uninstal onecare. He reinstalled one care reregistered the computer then tried to get it going with several restarts. All we got was the same numberless message! Being upset I shut down the computer for the night with full intentions of returning my windows program.

    When I turned on the computer the next morning I was told to "finish my onecare" which was to register? I kept my computer on all night afraid to turn it off. This morning I did turn it off & later turn it back on! I still have onecare working. Is it possible that "working Offline" &/or "Shuting the computer down" has an adverse effect on onecare? Why no error message number with my error message?

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 5:26 PM