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  • Korea-based Pantech has unveiled a bone conduction handset dubbed 'A1407PT' in Japan.

    The unique thing about the 'A1407PT' is that it features bone conduction of voice by vibration. So what is bone conduction? It implies sound waves connected through peoples' skulls by vibration, and further to the inner ear to let people hear.

    Simply put, users can hear the voice of the caller only by making the bone conduction speaker touch their heads. It is believed this will solve communication problems especially in noisy places, for older people, and for people with auditory handicap.

    The 'A1407PT' is specially designed to make use of the bone conduction function. Users have to only press the side key to make a call, and talk with the bone conduction speaker without opening the handset. The volume can also be controlled with the side key.

    The 'A1407PT' is a clam-shell phone with a 6cm wide QVGA class LCD, and three one-touch buttons below the display for easy number dialing. It has a built-in 1.35 mega pixels camera, and supports games and IrDA communication.

    The 'A1407PT' will be available for sale in November this year only in Japan.

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007 7:15 AM

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