Better support for signing in 'on the fly' RRS feed

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  • This is something that pretty much every forum I have ever visitted does, so I was quite surprised when this forum did not do it...

    Basically, if I am not already signed in to Windows Live and I browse to these forums and find a thread that I want to post a reply to, I click the Reply button and it then asks me to sign in (which is fair enough) but once I have signed in it just takes me back to the thread I was viewing - it doesnt take me to the reply screen. Same for if I wanted to create a new thread, rather than me clicking the Ask New Question button, signing in and it taking me to the "ask a new question" page, it just takes me back to the thread list once I have signed in so I then have to click the button again.

    Nothing major but it is a bit annoying and like I said, every other website like this seems to be able to keep track of what you were trying to do before you signed in so I would expect this one to as well :)


    Monday, December 14, 2009 1:19 PM