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  • Hi @ All,

    i queried a entity which is a strongly typed class and these are alle Attributes of the entity.

    Count = 48
        [0]: "prg_eavpositonneuerversorger"
        [1]: "statecode"
        [2]: "prg_dienstleistungenid"
        [3]: "prg_eavpositionneuevertragslaufzeit"
        [4]: "prg_eavpositioneinsparung"
        [5]: "statuscode"
        [6]: "prg_name"
        [7]: "prg_eavpositionabnahmestelle"
        [8]: "prg_einzelpreis"
        [9]: "prg_lieferstelle1.owninguser"
        [10]: "createdon"
        [11]: "prg_eavpositionepa"
        [12]: "ownerid"
        [13]: "modifiedon"
        [14]: "prg_lieferstelle1.modifiedon"
        [15]: "prg_istderpreisueberschrieben"
        [16]: "transactioncurrencyid"
        [17]: "prg_lieferstelle1.modifiedby"
        [18]: "prg_eavpositionlieferstellen"
        [19]: "exchangerate"
        [20]: "timezoneruleversionnumber"
        [21]: "prg_abrechnungspositionid"
        [22]: "prg_lieferstelle1.createdby"
        [23]: "modifiedby"
        [24]: "prg_lieferstelle1.createdon"
        [25]: "prg_lieferstelle"
        [26]: "prg_einzelpreis_base"
        [27]: "prg_lieferstelle1.prg_name"
        [28]: "prg_eavpositioneinsparung_base"
        [29]: "prg_lieferstelle1.prg_medium"
        [30]: "prg_menge"
        [31]: "prg_lieferstelle1.prg_lieferstelleid"
        [32]: "prg_postentext"
        [33]: "prg_betrag_base"
        [34]: "prg_betrag"
        [35]: "prg_lieferstelle1.prg_kategorie"
        [36]: "createdby"
        [37]: "prg_lieferstelle1.statecode"
        [38]: "prg_lieferstelle1.prg_lieferstellenid"
        [39]: "owningbusinessunit"
        [40]: "prg_belegid"
        [41]: "owninguser"
        [42]: "prg_istdasproduktueberschrieben"
        [43]: "prg_lieferstelle1.owningbusinessunit"
        [44]: "prg_lieferstelle1.statuscode"
        [45]: "prg_eigenesprodukt"
        [46]: "prg_eavpositiondatumergebnisdarstellung"
        [47]: "prg_lieferstelle1.ownerid"

    [25]: "prg_lieferstelle" => is a entityreference and i included also the values of this entityreference into the result. All Attributes like "prg_lieferstelle1.prg_kategorie" or "prg_lieferstelle1.ownerid" belongs to this entityreference of type "prg_lieferstelle".

    with "entity.ToEntity<prg_abrechnungsposition>()" i get the strong type object of the entity.

    I can access the the values of "prg_lieferstelle" with entity["prg_lieferstelle1.prg_kategorie"] but how can i early bind these attributes to an object of type "prg_lieferstelle" ?

    Kind Regards


    Tuesday, February 11, 2014 5:08 PM

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  • Hi Markus, As far as I know there is no way to automatically deserialize these aliased values into the early bound entities when returned in this way. You could create a custom mechanism fairly easily for your specific scenario, but to make it generic you would need to query meta data and parse the query. Maybe an easier approach would be to use lazy loading of relationships. See http://develop1.net/public/post/MicrosoftXrmClient-Part-1.aspx

    Hope this helps,


    Scott Durow
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    Tuesday, February 11, 2014 8:02 PM