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  • To put it simply can you not leave our home page alone. Sometimes I have the folders all sitting wherethey belong and easy to find. the next minute they disappear and a small band of picturesarrive. They were perfect where they were for yers, can you not leave well

    enough alone and be practical too? also Contacts. It was so simple to get your full contacts u,

    not now, oh know it takes many steps and even then it is not cler. what is the

    matter with you guys, not enoough to do or something? Remember, if it ain't broke,

    don't fix it. That is a very good model to live by. so PLEASE give us our normal home page

    in Outlook, with the full list of titles from Junk to folders where they belong. Also stop

    inserting names of possible folders, we don't want them, we have our own.

    Downy 2

    ur own.

    Saturday, March 7, 2020 4:56 AM