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  • As I sit by my new mac friend that I have acquainted myself with --after finally giving it a real chance, I discovered it with an open mind. As an extensive user of PC I looked forward  to enlighten myself with this proclaimed Apple grail of computers. Oh, wow the interface looks glossy and smooth... mm, it is a tasteful scene and yes I am impressed with the gadgetry and efficiency but it's dummy proof. I appreciate the thoughts that have been so meticulously arranged and offered up and the clarity of access points, it is very neatly crafted, after all, it has some windows traits.

    The design and architecture seems to utilise less memory at times when it does not need it, similarly, the windows processors have been programmed to do this as well, most notably its notebook software-technology. I realise that this blurb about macs should have occurred earlier but I can't seem to grasp how we never had this from the start. When I think about it though, PC adaptability and it's dynamic capabilities leave Mac in the dust, though is it really that necessary ?. It could take a little while before this tech-battle is settled but in the meantime I m going ahead with my own duopoly investigation. And, yes off course how could I have forgotten our penguin friend, Linux, I may have to hold off on it's correlation to this fusion of computer ideologies, for now.

    Let's go back and examine the circumstances of me writing this ramble, I encountered network issues at my school and was eventually led to logging onto a mac, as the remaining PC's were out of order. Though, consequently there was a working PC just near this working Mac that I just accessed. The point of what I just said was basically that I was forced into logging onto a Mac anticipating a PC and thus leaving me a little sour about PC's, but the fact remains that both the Mac and PC worked, it just so seemed that the rest of the PC's were garbage and hence leaving a bad impression of PC's to already pissed "off" PC users but the truth was that it wasn't the PC's fault but rather system admin incompetency. This as scrabbled as it may be, illustrates the misconceptions with our PC machines and thus defaulting the market Mac-ward. He he. Anyways, these little factors that lead to consumer bias should not be given as much emphasis as has occurred in the past, instead, both systems should be looked at as options for different purposes and as a shared means of excelling computer usability, fusibility, productivity as well as knowledge and innovation.

    I guess a starting point would start somewhere with the input, in particular the user-interface tools, i.e: the mouse, keyboard, screen, buttons, cursor, scroll, blah, bla, boo. All good things come to an end when they reach the back of the computer into the mother of all boards. Indeed, okay I'm sure everyone in this century is familiar with these things and thus I will just skip to what I don't like about the Mac, that way I could be said to have liked everything about Mac except the following, --for the time being they are as follow: the mouse, keyboard dimensions, and some software learning curve issues, i guess there aren't many...wow cool. Okay, this isn't too bad after all. Wait, I know I'll find something wrong with it, just a matter of time right? That's where I may or may not be right, it just may be as secure and perfected as they say, but I think I've heard that somewhere else before.

    This brings me to my vast experiences with windows/PC, and just intermittently with the Penguin. I sometimes wonder the product of these three systems conjoined and whether anything good could come of it. Coincidentally Windows 7 seems to share some linux and mac properties as far as I've tested them. With the release of new PC processors in association with Mac streamlining and a Linux backbone could lead to a tech realm rarely seen by mainstream users and I say this because Linux users have been on this tip for quite some time. Oh no! ... we've been so behind all this time, go squeeze a drop of lime in your eye because this world is so sublime, yep now you can open your eyes and see what you've been missing. Isn't that nice so let's all hold hands and sing around the fire eh..? Maybe some hot cocoa and kayak trips...okay I'll stop, maybe I'm crazy but it seems as though somethings are about to get better together.

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