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  • I have been a user for 10 years. Recently,I bought a large RV and used S&T extensively over the last 4 months. One improvement I would like is a capability to place the vehicle `s position at the bottom of a screen instead of the middle. Most of the time you are interested in what lies ahead instead of behind. I had a marine software that did this for years and found it superior. My second suggestion is much more important as it created havoc for me many times until I realized what was happening. I swore at the program for it`s erroneous database when the problem was as follows. When you enter a stop in a route, that waypoint is surrounded by a square which allows it to be moved. if you subsequently use arrows to pan the map you actually move that point to a different location. Then as you navigate you find your entered Walmart in the middle of a residential area and wonder what is happening when there is no Walmart there. You can press escape every time to remove the problem but it is annoying and an unnecessary step. The default should be NO SQUARE and if you should want to move the point you could positively do it but it is a rare occurence and should not be the default.
    Wednesday, July 6, 2011 1:39 PM

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  • ... One improvement I would like is a capability to place the vehicle `s position at the bottom of a screen instead of the middle...

    I take it from what you write that you are using S&T with "keep position centered" selected under "Map view," which in turn is under "Arrange map view" and "Start/stop GPS tracking" on the GPS pane.  Alternatively, if you select "Use dynamic turn view" instead, I think you will get the orientation that you seek except that it does not position the vehicle indicator necessarily at the bottom unless you are headed north.  It will show only the remaining portion of the segment you are currently traveling, zooming in as you approach the end of the segment.
    Wednesday, July 6, 2011 5:31 PM
  • I agree with the cursor at the bottom issue. Would be better. The issue of the 'Wandering Walmart" almost had me quit S&T at the beginning. It should be fixed as I am sure it is the main reason people give up on the program. I tried raising the issue with the "Geeks at FMCA meetings to no avail. It definitely should be changed to a positive move as oppose to the present default which results in Walmarts in the middle of a residential area. Very frustrating. This is just a blog but how do we make MS see the problem?
    Thursday, December 13, 2012 11:47 PM