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  • In the past I've used an on-demand process to open closed entities, to change the appointment entity from closed to open for example.  However I don't seem to be able to do this with the email entity.  I am able to create and run an on-demand process that should change the status of the email to "draft", but nothing ever happens.

    Any suggestions?  We could solve a huge challenge we've faced with CRM since we started using it if we could just accomplish this one small thing.

    In case it helps what I really want is to simply be able to change the status of a custom field we have created for emails.  But it's impossible to change that custom field once the email is closed, so I need a way to be able to reopen the email so I can change that custom field.  It would be just as good if I could just change the value for that custom field using a process, but I can't get a process to do that either - that's why I was trying to get a process to work to change the status to draft, which i assumed would then allow me to change the custom field.


    Monday, November 12, 2012 8:55 AM


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  • Would something like this work? I was able to take a "sent" email and update a custom field in the manner your described.

    Jason Lattimer
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    Monday, November 12, 2012 2:02 PM
  • Hi Jason,

    That would work perfectly, for some reason when I try that it won't work.  I'll try again and post the process screenshot if it won't work.  Thanks for taking the time to post that, I really appreciate it.


    Monday, November 12, 2012 7:43 PM