OCS Update Service returns 0x80070057 to CX700 tanjay RRS feed

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  • I just bought a bunch on Poycom CX700 and my OCS update service does not provide update info to the tanjays, it returns error code 0x80070057 (incorrect parameter), I have case open with MS and looks like there are no problems on the service, the phone can contact the service, send logs etc etc......the only unusual thing is the the phone presents itself with a software version while on the status page it says it is running version 1.0.452.0 (1.23)


    Here is what I can see in the phone log:


    ___¼_J€_îk_U_P_R_O_:_ _g_e_t_T_i_m_e_s_t_a_m_p_(_)_ _f_o_u_n_d_ _a_c_t_i_v_e_ _b_l_o_c_k_ _w_i_t_h_ _v_e_r_M_a_j_o_r_(_0_)_,_ _v_e_r_M_i_n_o_r_(_0_)_,_ _v_e_r_B_u_i_l_d_(_0_)_,_ _v_e_r_Q_f_e_(_0_)___¾_J€*=¯_U_P_R_O_:_ _n_o_t_i_f_y_S_e_n_d_R_e_q_u_e_s_t_C_B_(_)_ _h_C_o_n_t_e_x_t_ _=_ _4_1_2_2_0_,_ _d_w_E_r_r_o_r_ _=_ _8_0_0_7_0_0_5_7_,_ _d_w_S_t_a_t_u_s_ _=_ _2_0_0_,_ _d_w_L_e_n_g_t_h_ _=_ _0___)_²_J€ó@¯_U_P_R_O_:_ _d_o_R_e_t_r_y_(_)_ _h_C_o_n_t_e_x_t_ _=_ _4_1_2_2_0_,_ _e_r_r_o_r_C_o_d_e_ _=_ _8_0_0_7_0_0_5_7_,_ _r_e_t_r_y_#_ _=_ _0_,_ _c_h_a_n_g_e_S_e_r_v_e_r_ _=_ _t_r_u_e_

    ___r_~_J€|A¯_U_P_R_O_:_ _s_c_h_e_d_u_l_e_N_e_x_t_U_p_d_a_t_e_(_)_ _h_C_o_n_t_e_x_t_ _=_ _4_1_2_2_0_ _i_n_t_e_r_v_a_l_ _=_ _9_0_0_0_0_0_


    Probably the update service tries to compare the version that the phone presents and throws the error as might be an incorrect parameter (0x80070057) !!!


    Does anybody had the same issue ???



    Sunday, January 27, 2008 1:53 PM