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  • I also have just started to receive the '0x800004005' error message, but unfortunately, I get the message before XP finishes loading, so I can't do anything.  I tried repairing the XP install from my original CD but still get the message during boot.


    The problem started immediately after installing Windows Debugging Tools from a Microsoft site.  The reason that I was installing the debugging tools is that, for the last 2 or 3 weeks, svchost has been crashing on the same computer.  I do have 2 XP computers and a 98 computer running on a local network through a wireless router, both XP with Genuine Advantage installed.  The two XP computers share a keyboard, mouse and monitor through a KVM switch.  I tried removing the KVM from the mix by connecting the keyboard, mouse and monitor directly to the problem PC with no luck.


    I can't even boot the computer with the problem in Safe Mode and 'Last Known Good Configuration" does not work, so debugging is going to be an issue.  Directory Services Restore Mode also fails.


    Any ideas what my options are from here?






    While typing the above message, I had a brainwave...I wanted to see if I could even boot to a DOS window (not one of the options apparently) and so decided to try Debugging Mode to fix the problem.  I was asked to put the Windows CD in the drive and am now waiting....


    time passing.......Set up will complete in approximatly 39 minutes!!??


    the install/fix/debug is stuck on the 4th button of the install "Installing Windows".  It has now been 5 minutes with no hard drive activity....


    Oh well, it was a nice thought.



    Sunday, December 23, 2007 10:54 PM


  • Hagis McBagpipe,


    Laddie, ers a biggun problem ye be havin o'er Windows.


    Iya be guessin' dat da biggun problem be within' ye hardware, ye poor bairins.


    Maybe ye coulda visit the support page for the company that be makin' yer hard disk drive, download the diagnostic doohickey program, and ye canna test the hard disk drive....it may be borgus frat, ye know.


    Monday, December 24, 2007 2:40 PM