MSN logon froze, hotmail IE page froze/not response RRS feed

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  • When I'm trying to logon MSN: after I enter user name and password, it just froze. I have the CPU meter up, and as I monitoring the memory usage, it goes up from 2% to 60%, and kept like that, just for MSN alone. ( Win7U 32bit, Qcore, 8GB memory [ @3.7GB ]. Restart computer can't fix it, repair windows live essentials can't fix it. And also, whenever I log into my hotmail account, which I still can, after I open a mail, the IE froze( When I have muti taps, only the Hotmail tap is frozen, and IE is the only brower I use ). And I reailze there is this program called MS Office upload center, I've never seen it before, does that affect MSN ( since they are all MS stuff ), just a guess.
    MSN / hotmail works perfectly fine on my notebook, anyone can help me to fix it?

    PS: I run PS5/Gaming/Programming/HDMoives all of them are good, so I assum the memory is fine.
    Thursday, September 22, 2011 3:29 AM