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  • Do you want to learn the basics about Windows and web development? Then look no further than the new website that Microsoft has launched on March 1, 2007, designed to address novice developers. In order to begin developing an application for Windows or create a dynamic website, you will be able to access a centralized learning environment specifically targeted to beginning programmers.

    “Here you'll find a rich array of learning content that starts with the very basics, and guides you through step-by-step to becoming a fully-fledged developer! No experience or programming knowledge required - so dive right in,” reads Microsoft's invitation to beginning developers.

    At the basis of the Microsoft initiative is the Visual Studio Express Edition. Dan Fernandez, Microsoft's lead product manager for Visual Studio Express, revealed that the low-end development tool will deliver a consistent impact at the beginner tier. “One of the key things people were asking for was beginner-level content," Fernandez said. "They wanted it to be understandable by an eighth grader.”

    Microsoft has additionally categorized the content on the website according to the level of difficulty. In this regard, developers will be able to select content that is appropriate to their skills. The fact of the matter is that the Redmond Company starts at the most basic level.

    “Tier 2 Lessons assume you understand the foundations of .NET development. These lessons will proceed at a faster pace, and cover a lot of the core concepts of Windows and Web development. By the end of these lessons, you should be able to create a basic, working application,” Microsoft added. In the third and final tier, users will be able to access content on data access and debugging.
    Saturday, March 3, 2007 2:39 PM