How do I stop birthdays from flooding my calendar? RRS feed

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  • I migrated from Gmail to on advice of people I (no longer) trust. Now I'm faced with a host of sync issues as well as a flood of annoying birthday reminders that were fed from some unknown source (probably Facebook). in its infinite wisdom won't let me delete existing birthday calendar items nor let me delete the calendar entirely. I also have a calendar from INETA and I have NO idea where that came from either. So when I make changes to my default calendar, they appear on my PC (Windows 8 running Office 2013) Outlook program connected to the site, but they appear nowhere else. However, changes made to the site appear on the other systems. How do I get Office/Outlook to push these changes to the host?

    So, in a nutshell, I have at least three "automatically generated" calendars that I would like to have removed:

    • Birthdays
    • US Holidays
    • INETA North America...

    AND I would like to have calendar entries posted in Outlook/Office to be synced with

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