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  • Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
    Windows Validation Data-->

    Validation Code: 0x8004FE21
    Cached Online Validation Code: N/A, hr = 0xc0000022
    Windows Product Key: *****-*****-WJ2H8-R6B6D-7QJB7
    Windows Product Key Hash: ckKNc+BBPDWmo1LUlOkraNjlQ34=
    Windows Product ID: 00359-OEM-8992687-00006
    Windows Product ID Type: 2
    Windows License Type: OEM SLP
    Windows OS version: 6.1.7600.2.00010300.0.0.003
    ID: {0A21BBA2-DE6E-44DB-A9C6-4631B4ADC62A}(1)
    Is Admin: Yes
    TestCab: 0x0
    LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
    Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
    Product Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
    Architecture: 0x00000009
    Build lab: 7600.win7_gdr.100618-1621
    TTS Error:
    Validation Diagnostic:
    Resolution Status: N/A

    Vista WgaER Data-->
    ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
    Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

    Windows XP Notifications Data-->
    Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
    File Exists: No
    Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
    WgaTray.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
    WgaLogon.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

    OGA Notifications Data-->
    Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
    Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
    OGAExec.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
    OGAAddin.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

    OGA Data-->
    Office Status: 100 Genuine
    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 - 100 Genuine
    Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 - 100 Genuine
    OGA Version: N/A, 0x80070002
    Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
    Office Diagnostics: 025D1FF3-364-80041010_025D1FF3-229-80041010_025D1FF3-230-1_025D1FF3-517-80040154_025D1FF3-237-80040154_025D1FF3-238-2_025D1FF3-244-80070002_025D1FF3-258-3_E2AD56EA-765-d003_E2AD56EA-766-0_E2AD56EA-134-80004005

    Browser Data-->
    Proxy settings: N/A
    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Win32)
    Default Browser: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
    Download signed ActiveX controls: Prompt
    Download unsigned ActiveX controls: Disabled
    Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Allowed
    Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: Disabled
    Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Webbrowser control: Disabled
    Active scripting: Allowed
    Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting: Allowed

    File Scan Data-->

    Other data-->
    Office Details: <GenuineResults><MachineData><UGUID>{0A21BBA2-DE6E-44DB-A9C6-4631B4ADC62A}</UGUID><Version>1.9.0027.0</Version><OS>6.1.7600.2.00010300.0.0.003</OS><Architecture>x64</Architecture><PKey>*****-*****-*****-*****-7QJB7</PKey><PID>00359-OEM-8992687-00006</PID><PIDType>2</PIDType><SID>S-1-5-21-4055757586-3603685911-53232036</SID><SYSTEM><Manufacturer>Gateway</Manufacturer><Model>DX4831</Model></SYSTEM><BIOS><Manufacturer>American Megatrends Inc.</Manufacturer><Version>P01-A0</Version><SMBIOSVersion major="2" minor="6"/><Date>20091117000000.000000+000</Date></BIOS><HWID>AFB93607018400FE</HWID><UserLCID>1009</UserLCID><SystemLCID>0409</SystemLCID><TimeZone>Mountain Standard Time(GMT-07:00)</TimeZone><iJoin>0</iJoin><SBID><stat>3</stat><msppid></msppid><name></name><model></model></SBID><OEM><OEMID>ACRSYS</OEMID><OEMTableID>ACRPRDCT</OEMTableID></OEM><GANotification/></MachineData><Software><Office><Result>100</Result><Products><Product GUID="{91120000-001A-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}"><LegitResult>100</LegitResult><Name>Microsoft Office Outlook 2007</Name><Ver>12</Ver><Val>681445761E9AF14</Val><Hash>491RTh339L9Ja8JIsPDsFMtQDt0=</Hash><Pid>81610-906-4992981-62509</Pid><PidType>1</PidType></Product><Product GUID="{91120000-002F-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}"><LegitResult>100</LegitResult><Name>Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007</Name><Ver>12</Ver><Val>8A8D4D079D02744</Val><Hash>ma9bhVlDH3UG0+2s/pOA/naqWHs=</Hash><Pid>81602-930-0239536-68583</Pid><PidType>1</PidType></Product></Products><Applications><App Id="16" Version="12" Result="100"/><App Id="18" Version="12" Result="100"/><App Id="1A" Version="12" Result="100"/><App Id="1B" Version="12" Result="100"/><App Id="A1" Version="12" Result="100"/></Applications></Office></Software></GenuineResults> 

    Spsys.log Content: 0x80070002

    Licensing Data-->
    On a computer running Microsoft Windows non-core edition, run 'slui.exe 0x2a 0x80070426' to display the error text.
    Error: 0x80070426

    Windows Activation Technologies-->
    HrOffline: 0x8004FE21
    HrOnline: N/A
    HealthStatus: 0x0001000000000000
    Event Time Stamp: 9:27:2010 22:23
    ActiveX: Registered, Version: 7.1.7600.16395
    Admin Service: Registered, Version: 7.1.7600.16395
    HealthStatus Bitmask Output:
    Tampered Service: sppsvc

    HWID Data-->

    OEM Activation 1.0 Data-->

    OEM Activation 2.0 Data-->
    BIOS valid for OA 2.0: yes
    Windows marker version: 0x20001
    OEMID and OEMTableID Consistent: yes
    BIOS Information:
      ACPI Table Name OEMID Value OEMTableID Value
      APIC   ACRSYS  APIC1654
      FACP   ACRSYS  FACP1654
      OEMB   ACRSYS  OEMB1654
      AWMI   ACRSYS  OEMB1654
      SSDT   DpgPmm  CpuPm


    Tuesday, September 28, 2010 5:01 PM


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  • THe report shows that the software protection service has been tampered with, try starting it manually by typing services.msc in the search box of the start menu, scroll down to the service called software protection (sppsvc) and right click on it, attempt to start the service, insure it is set to automatic [delayed start], reboot and go to www.microsoft.com/genuine and attempt to validate, if that does not work try the following.

    type cmd in the search box of the start menu, right click on the icon that appears and type "sfc /scannow" without the qoutes and press enter, allow SFC to run, reboot when directed. If you get any error messages write them down exactly as they appear. After rebooting go to www.microsoft.com/genuine and attempt to validate.

    If that does not work then type system restore in the search box, click on the resulting program and follow the wizards prompts to restore to a previous point prior to the non-genuine status.

    If that does not work then start a no cost wga tech support incident at the following link http://support.microsoft.com/gp/contactwga

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010 5:36 PM
  • No reply from the Original Poster.

    I assume that Carl_OH's post resolved the issue and have marked it as the Answer.

    Darin MS
    Wednesday, October 6, 2010 9:37 PM
  • I am busy and am finding that correcting this problem is very time consuming.  It is NOT fixed. I followed all of the above and the link above http://support.microsoft.com/gp/contactwga which produced the following results....

    "Please note that this chat service is available to guide you to the appropriate resources for your questions. Often this can include technical support options or a phone number to the appropriate Microsoft Team.

    You are now chatting with 'Chuckie'.

    Chuckie: Welcome to Microsoft Customer Service Chat, Brenda. Please give me a moment to review your question.

    Chuckie: I understand that you are receiving a non genuine notification for your Windows. Is that correct?

    Brenda Thibault: Yes

    Chuckie: I see. Thank you for the confirmation.

    Chuckie: I do apologize for the inconvenience it had caused you. Let me do my best to help you with your concern.

    Chuckie: I would like to provide a link wherein you can validate your Windows.

    Brenda Thibault: OK

    Chuckie: Kindly click the link to see the validation page.

    Chuckie: Kindly click the "Validate Windows" when you are on the page.

    Brenda Thibault: I have done this a dozen times since the problem started and after having taken the steps in the thread I provided. I still get the window asking me to get genuine windows now.

    Chuckie: I see.

    Chuckie: We have a dedicated team to assist you better with regards on your issue. You may call our Genuine Advantage support for Windows 7 at (866) 530-6364. They are open seven (7) days a week, twenty four (24) hours a day.

    Chuckie: For they can best assist you with your concern regarding the non genuine notification that you are receiving.

    Chuckie: Have I addressed your concern for today?

    Brenda Thibault: No. You have just provided another step for me to take...again. Thanks for doing what you can, thought.

    Chuckie: You are most welcome, Brenda. Thank you for using Microsoft Customer Service Chat. Please feel free to come back again. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

    Chat session has been terminated by the agent."

    So, I phone (866) 530-6364 as Chuckie suggests and talk to Jacob who I provide my product key to and go through steps to determine that Windows Activation Info shows STATUS NOT AVAILABLE and PRODUCT ID NOT AVAILABLE.  He then passes me to Elsie Customer Service who asks the same questions and gets the same results and she tells me the key is invalid and that I should phone GATEWAY.

    I connected to the FUTURE SHOP ConnectPro given that is where I purchased the PC and it was them that installed the software and had the following online conversation:


    Welcome to ConnectPro Online Support, we will be with you shortly. Note that this session may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes only.

    Robert Paradis [11:25 AM] :

    Thank you for contacting ConnectPro Online Support. My name is Robert, how may I assist you today?

    Brenda [11:28 AM] :

    Purchased PC from Future Shop March 2010 with Windows 7 & Off Home & Student 2007 installed. I have since installed Outlook 2007 (legitimate copy). I now get a msg that my Windows software is invalid. I have done all the steps I could find on the web site. No luck. I guess I need to reinstall Windows 2007. While I have the serial number, I can't find the disk. I do have 3 system restore disks from Future Shop. Is that where Windows 7 files are?

    Robert Paradis [11:28 AM] :

    The System Restore Disks do include a full copy of Windows and will reinstall that for you

    Robert Paradis [11:29 AM] :

    Have you contacted Microsoft to see if they can fix the error message for you?

    Brenda [11:30 AM] :

    OK. Yes. They gave me three steps to follow, which I have done and then a link for some other technical assistance. Should I go that route first? I am mostly @#^%$^%$ at the time I have spent already!

    Robert Paradis [11:31 AM] :

    If you have files or data on your computer that you want to keep that's what I would suggest. If you're ok with wiping everything off of your computer and starting fresh then the Restore disks are a good option for that, but note that re-setting up your computer is a timely process to Robert Paradis [11:32 AM] :

    Do you have any other questions that I might be able to help with?

    Brenda [11:32 AM] :

    Here is the info as a last resot.

    Brenda [11:32 AM] :

    If that does not work then start a no cost wga tech support incident at the following link http://support.microsoft.com/gp/contactwga

    Brenda [11:32 AM] :

    What I am getting is that I should go that route first...?

    Robert Paradis [11:35 AM] :

    They're both valid options, using Microsoft's support should get you up and running again without deleting your current files, data, and settings. Using the recovery disks is more of a guarantee though. So whichever appeals more to you at this point

    Brenda [11:35 AM] :


    Robert Paradis [11:36 AM] :

    No problem. Is there anything else I could help you with?

    Brenda [12:11 PM] :

    Hey Robert. Are you there?

    Robert Paradis [12:11 PM] :

    I am still here, do you need something else?

    Brenda [12:12 PM] :

    Yes. After talking to three different people in Microsoft they tell me I need to software activation number from Gateway for Windows 7. Where do I get that number off the recovery disks?

    Robert Paradis [12:11 PM] :

    I am still here, do you need something else?

    Brenda [12:12 PM] :

    Yes. After talking to three different people in Microsoft they tell me I need to software activation number from Gateway for Windows 7. Where do I get that number off the recovery disks?

    Robert Paradis [12:13 PM] :

    The only number they should be asking for is the Product Key, which is the 5 sets of 5 digits on the computer itself, there's a sticker for it.

    Robert Paradis [12:13 PM] :

    Is it a laptop or a desktop?

    Brenda [12:13 PM] :

    Desk top.

    Robert Paradis [12:14 PM] :

    Typically the sticker is on either the left or right hand side of the tower case, near one of the corners

    Brenda [12:17 PM] :

    Found it. Actually I had written it down and can verify that the number I provided to Microsoft is the same as the number on the sticker. They claim it to be invalid. Now what?

    Robert Paradis [12:35 PM] :

    Sorry, I didn't get a sound when your last message came in. I apologize for that. That's the only code you would have for windows from Gateway. Just make sure it is the correct sticker and that it is a series of 5 sets of 5 digits. If they still won't accept it, then using the Restore disks may be your only option, you won't need to input it again if you use them.

    Brenda [12:37 PM] :

    Why would they not accept the code? It is a blue sticker, looks legitimate, and I have checked the numbers.

    Robert Paradis [12:38 PM] :

    I'm not sure, I've never had them refuse one from before unless it was pirated(ie. an illegal copy)

    Brenda [12:38 PM] :

    So Future Shop would be using pirated software????

    Robert Paradis [12:39 PM] :

    No, that's why I'm not sure why they aren't accepting. It's a new version from a manufacturer, there shouldn't be any issue with it.

    Brenda [12:41 PM] :So I buy a Gateway computer from Future Shop with product code that Microsoft consider is invalid. Talk about being caught in the middle. I guess I get to go through the trouble of using the recovery disk and hope for the best.Robert Paradis [12:42 PM] :Gateway may be able to provide a replacement key, but I haven't heard of a case of them doing that.Brenda [12:42 PM] :Thanks. I will just use the recovery disk next. I appreciate your time.Robert Paradis [12:43 PM] :You're welcome, and I wish you luck! "


    So on it goes.....

    Saturday, October 9, 2010 6:55 PM
  • Please try the possible solution offered here: Solution to Windows 7 Activation Status Not Available or SLMgr 0×80070422 Error

    Carey Frisch
    Sunday, October 10, 2010 4:36 AM