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  • Hi all,

    Is it somehow possible to let a powershell script install software on system startup (before the login screen appears) and show one of the built in messages of the file C:\Windows\System32\en-US\wininit.exe.mui?


    I would  like to run a script in Windows (user logged on) which creates a scheduled task to run on system startup. That task should then call a script which installs some software requiring a reboot after installation is completed.

    This would happen before user logon and therefore not annoy the user by typing in Windows creds and then have the installation and then the reboot leaving the user typing the Windows creds again.

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  • No.  How could that possibly work.  "Logon' requires a users credentials.

    You can use Group Policy to install software remotely with an MSI file.

    Post in the deployment forum to learn how to distribute software.


    Friday, February 9, 2018 8:50 AM
  • Thanks for your answer.

    It seems my question is not easy to understand: I do not want the script to perform a logon.

    I want the script to run an installation of a software and reboot. Very simple. The challenge here is to have that script run on system startup and show any of the text bits in the winini.exe.mui.

    Windows itself does that with Windows Updates.

    Friday, February 9, 2018 9:44 AM
  • WE cannot provide free consulting services.  We can answer specific questions about your script.  Questions about how to use Windows and how to install software are not answered in this forum.  Post in Windows Deployment forum

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  • I did not ask for a script.

    I asked for a hint how to make use of the Windows MUI files with Powershell, because my search on the internet and plenty of forums didn't help.


    Friday, February 9, 2018 3:01 PM
  • Your question is too vague.  MUI files are multilingual spec files.  They are not used to install software.  They are loaded when a MUI program is run.  A MUI contains strings in multiple languages to support MUI enabled versions of Windows.  If you open a MUI with notepad you will see it is just full of Unicode strings.

    Post in deployment forum to learn how to silently install software.


    Friday, February 9, 2018 3:11 PM