elegant way to hide a form input span through xrm? RRS feed

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  • Hello - What's the most elegant way to hide a form span through XRM?

    Each input on a form has a descriptive label.  In form customization you can click on this area and the entire area will be selected as a unit and you can make modifications.

    However, what if I want to make changes to this area dynamically through XRM?  I want to hide the entire area that contains the input and descriptive label. However, when I use the F12 selector tool, only the individual elements appear to be selectable.  I don't see a way to select the area as a unit.

    Am I not hovering with F12 selector tool correctly?  Or is there a simple out of the box way to do this with XRM? For example, something like?:

    //inputSpan represents the form span that contains the input and descriptive label
    var inputSpan = crmForm.getInputSpan(crmForm.all.someid);

    Wednesday, June 19, 2013 10:56 PM

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