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  • Hi,

    I found error when running service report and selected Group By "Status Reason"  details as following;

          • An error has occurred during report processing.
            • Query execution failed for data set 'DSSnapshotCount'.
              • For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors
    Thursday, January 6, 2011 4:02 AM

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  • This error indicates the issue is more with Reporting Services and SQL than CRM. You should be able to get more information about the error by looking at the Reporting Services log file - this will typically be in the \Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\<Instance>\Reporting Services\LogFiles folder on the Reporting Services server. Post an extract of this file if you need help interpreting it

    Microsoft CRM MVP - http://mscrmuk.blogspot.com  http://www.excitation.co.uk
    Thursday, January 6, 2011 9:11 AM
  • Hi,

    Check the user account has   enough permissions
    on any tables used in the query.


    Thursday, January 6, 2011 9:48 PM
  • Hi,

    Thank you for all of you guy. I found Log file as following;

    w3wp!webserver!8!01/10/2011-13:11:08:: e ERROR: Reporting Services error Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.RSException: An error has occurred during report processing. ---> Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ProcessingAbortedException: An error has occurred during report processing. ---> Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ReportProcessingException: Query execution failed for data set 'DSSnapshotCount'. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type nvarchar.
    The statement has been terminated.

    Please suggestion. Thanks in advance


    Monday, January 10, 2011 6:13 AM
  • Hmm. My guess would be that some value is too large for an expected text field. As your problem occurs when grouping by Status Reason, it could be that you have a custom Status Reason value that is longer than expected. Do you have any such custom values, and if so could you try shortening the text to see if that helps ?
    Microsoft CRM MVP - http://mscrmuk.blogspot.com  http://www.excitation.co.uk
    Monday, January 10, 2011 4:21 PM
  • Thank David. Yes. I have created a new value for "Status Reason" and will be modify it again as you suggestion. Thank you
    Tuesday, January 11, 2011 7:49 AM
  • hie there..

    I came across the same problem.

    Whn i check in the Reporting Services\Logfile Folder

    library!WindowsService_2!b10!12/29/2011-17:02:03:: i INFO: Cleaned 0 batch records, 0 policies, 0 sessions, 0 cache entries, 0 snapshots, 0 chunks, 0 running jobs, 0 persisted streams, 0 segments, 0 segment mappings, 0 edit sessions.
    library!WindowsService_2!b10!12/29/2011-17:02:03:: i INFO: Call to CleanBatch() ends

    Please advice me...

    Thanks in advance.

    Thursday, December 29, 2011 9:16 AM