Suggestion: Make a new OS for Gamers. RRS feed

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  • I haven't given this much thought. But i think Microsoft could make a lot of money on an OS for gamers. An OS that requires a low amount of ram and hard disc space. A possible name could be Microsoft Edge, Why edge? It would stand out for gamers. It could also sale cheap, it could be easy to make. We all know there are tons of adults and kids that play games.

    What could the OS give?

    • Low Ammount of system requirments, and also support DX10
    • Windows could maybe offer an improved Firewall.
    • Possible release of the a new IE. Providing more security features, and also a download continue if IE freezes or closes.
    • Microsoft will not have to spend a lot of time making the OS. Put only the basic needs to run an OS on a PC for maximum computer speed.
    • An exciting name, Microsoft Edge.

    I think Microsoft could put alot more into this that just my suggestion. But this could work and make tons of money. We all know, Gamers are not partially fond of Vista, a lot of gamers do not have the amount of ram it asks for.

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    Monday, September 29, 2008 4:52 PM