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  • We are still having some problems with the new version and are not sure how to move forward, since it's not clear what is supposed to work.

    Firefox v3 does not seem to support most of the new features. At least we cannot seem to get "Manage Visualizations" to work - clicking the link at the top of the page doesn't do anything. In fact none of the links at the top ("Manage Views | Manage Visualizations | etc.") seem to have any effect.

    Using Safari on the Mac, none of the sensor nodes show up, even for the Seattle view. I guess Safari is not supported at all?

    When clicking on the multivalued sensor nodes (such as the nodes in the SwissEx:Wannengrat view), I can click on the 'Chart' link next to each sensor type. This seems to be broken - I see a blue text appear to the left of the display ("wan7@3" for example) and when I hover over it I see a box with an "X" that appears to be intended to close the chart view - but no chart frame or chart itself is shown. I think something is broken with the window-drawing code.

    We'd like to make a real push to flesh out our SensorMap integration this summer and take advantage of the new features, but are a little concerned about these issues since they prevent us from making forward progress.

    Wednesday, July 9, 2008 8:53 PM

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  • We currently support IE7 and FireFox V2. Compatibility with FireFox V3 will be improved soon. But we don't have near-term plans to support Safari.





    Monday, July 21, 2008 6:31 PM