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  • My tree of subjects has two primary subjects, which have “N” sub- subjects. Many subjects are repeated, but they have different primary  subjects, at the time of recording a subjects, i need to record in addition, to as primary subjects belongs (to distinguish from where it comes),therefore, i need to know as it is the primary root (in JavaScript), when they select some subject (As it shows the sample), Is possible to know this data?, thanks


    Primary subjects    <-  (Sub 3 belongs Primary subjects)


    | Sub 1

    |   |_

    |     Sub 2

    |       |_

    |         Sub 3



    Secundary subjects  <-  (Sub 3 belongs Secundary subjects)


      Sub A


          Sub B


              Sub 3





    Manuel Arriagada 

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    Thursday, October 11, 2007 3:37 PM