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  • With all that is wrong with these bloody forums, the pisspoor performance, the broken Telerik editor in Firefox that doesn't let you use the toolbar dropdowns, etc. why in the hell did you "fix" something that was not fewking broken?!

    I am a touch typist, and I'm accustomed to hitting Enter twice to get paragraph spacing. Now when I hit Enter it not only wraps the preceding text in a paragraph tag, it creates a new paragraph with a bloody non-breaking space in it. What the hell were you thinking? I don't want to have to stop and remember to hit Shift-Enter to get a line break. I want the behavior that I am accustomed to, and which works the same way on EVERY other forum I frequent, or have ever frequented.

    Have you tried to enter any sample markup to help a user out? Good luck. Every line you enter gets its own damned paragraph. Last night I entered some javascript scripting to try to help out a user. By the time I got the thing finished I was so frustrated I wanted to hit someone.

    Just in case no one else has clued you in, this is a BAD IDEA! It makes editing in this forum different from any other forum with which I am acquainted, and no one should be expected to have to make a conscious mental shift just to use the editor here. Whatever your reasons for making this change, they are not sufficient. Kindly return the editor behavior to the status quo ante. Thank you.



    Sunday, January 25, 2009 7:10 PM

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