Exiting Live Mesh RRS feed

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  • If you exit Live Mesh (MoeMonitor), it shuts down Moe.exe as well. However, wlcrasvc is still running (and rsvp). Could it be possible to send a stop service control, and service config demand to wlcrasvc when you exit it (WM_CLOSE). If Mesh is running when a reboot/shutdown happens (WM_SHUTDOWN), then set service config to Auto.

    Basically, be a very "polite" app, where if you exit it, it closes all pieces of it, and not just 2/3rds.

    Uhh, is this one for the wishlist? I was kinda hoping that Ben or DevDuck can tell me if I'm totally off the wall on this one.

    XP SP3 Notebook with 512 megs of ram. The memory footprint of Mesh can be a bit burdensome on it. I know that'll improve as you get closer to RTM. In the interim, it'd still be nice to quite the whole app and not just fragments of it.

    (I'm guessing that wlcrasvc stands for Windows Live Cloud Relay Access SerViCe too?)

    Saturday, June 7, 2008 7:39 AM


  • Hi WillFa,

    wlcrasvc is the service that supports Live Mesh Remote Desktop, and it runs as a service by design.  There are some additional details in the last comment of this post on our blog.  wlcrasvc is configured as an auto-start service by default, but you should certainly feel free to make a Wish List suggestion if you feel it should be otherwise - nothing off the wall about that.  :)


    Monday, June 9, 2008 6:53 PM