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  • I'm looking for books that allow one to learn 2008 R2 from the ground up.  They would need to be able to cover everything from basics to advanced topics.  When I say basics, I mean things like fror example how NTFS permissions work (say, what's the difference between a Write permission and a Modify permission).  I'm not looking for Dummies books but just ones that explain the fundamentals up through to advanced subjects for an audience that are IT Professionals but are not certifeid or neceessarily in-depth experts on Windows Server. 

    I've looked at a couple of books, for example the Sams one titled Widnows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed, but this one in particular doesn't cover basic areas enough.  Using my NTFS permission example, it has a couple of pages that talk about permissions but if you were looking to understand what the different types of permissions were, how they interact with up and down-level objects etc you'd find it didn't provide enough detail.  I haven't looked at the Suybex "Mastering" book(s) yet but that one was on my list to eval.   

    And, unfortunately, it seems Microsoft Press is wayyyy behind on this issue- the MCITP Training Kit(s) for Server 2008, which looks to be exactly what I'm looking for even if certification wasn't a priority, doesn't have any R2 content.  This is really surpising considering R2 has been out for over a year and this is Microsoft who should be the first ones out with these books I would think.   

    Has anybody heard anything on that?  Is there an email I can contact for someone at MS Press perhaps?

    Unfortunately I'm in the position of needing to train my staff using R2-ready books now, not in a month or two so I'll go with non-MS Press books if I must I suppose. 

    Any info or insight is appreciated, thanks everyone. 

    Friday, November 19, 2010 4:11 PM