An Actual Finish Date between Planned Start & Planned Finish does not mark Task as 100% for %Complete RRS feed

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  • Environment is Project Server 2010 + SP1 + June CU Refresh

    Issue - An Actual Finish Date entered by resource between Planned Start & Planned Finish does not mark Task as 100% for %Complete for Fixed Duration Tasks.

    We have created a view in PWA called as Actual Finish. Resources goto PWA > Tasks > Actual Finish View, and simply enter the date on which they completed the task. Resources dont have access to the project in Project Professional, only via PWA. Only the Project Managers have access to Project Professional.

    Now the problem is if the resources complete the task midway (say on Dec 15, 2011) and the planned start is Dec 10, 2011, planned finish is Dec 20, 2011, the task is never marked as 100% %Complete. It is marked 100% %WorkComplete, but that does not mark the task as complete.

    This was identified by Microsoft as a bug, see thread (back in April 2011)

    Is this still the case?

    Has anyone found a solution (other than manually marking the task as 100% %Complete in PRO)?

    Nilesh Kelkar |
    Friday, December 16, 2011 5:08 PM

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  • Hi Nilesh,

    I simulated your scenario (100% reproduceable) and I noticed that even in MSP, the Actual Finish date is not filled in with the value entered via PWA...So it becomes difficult to filter those task out as anomalies.

    Nevertheless, by changing the remaining duration to zero via MSP, your "% (Duration) complete" will become 100% and the actual finish date will be correct too!

    Can this do the job for now?



    Saturday, December 17, 2011 12:14 AM
  • Hi Wim,

    The point of the excercise is to let resources mark their tasks as complete (%complete) via PWA, and Project Server interprets it so when the resource enters Actual Finish Date.

    Resources don't have acess to PRO, only PM's do. Resources work in PWA. Plus the resources are "non-technical" end users, they dont care how or why, they care about the end result, which is how to mark a task 100% Complete no matter what scenario in PWA, and currently I don't have an answer.

    When we have anywhere from 10~50 projects per project manager, about 50 tasks in each project, doing so manually is not going to be received well.

    Also, the %Complete field cannot be added in any views as "writable", I was hoping I could add this as a writable field, and that would fix it, but no. The %Complete field can only be added in a read mode.

    Hate to say this, but this is one big showstopper feature. I will try to now open a case and get a hotfix (if we are entertained at all)...

    I am going to try one more view, with the resource marking remaining duration to zero in PWA (I hope thats a writable field), and see what happens (have to repeat scenario for all possible combinations of dates). Will keep you posted.

    Nilesh Kelkar |
    Saturday, December 17, 2011 1:18 AM
  • Hi Nilesh,

    When I spoke about filtering out the anomalies, I had in mind to offer the PM a view/filter to fix the problem by updating all the anomalies at once.

    If VBA is an option, you could even automise this process! And as you can see, on assignment level it seems to work fine:

    As you can see, I started with a task with duration 10 days. I entered the actual finish date via PWA. What you see on the assignment row, is what you want to get on the task row. This will be the case by changing the remaining duration to zero.

    In my previous answer I stated that there was no criteria to filter out this anomaly but ther definitely is one: 

    1. Check for the tasks with fixed duration
    2. Actual Finish on the assignment is filled in and is not filled in on the task (I assume One assignment per task)
    3. Remainging work = 0 and remainnig duration <>0 (in your case it's an indicator for your anomaly

    Enough criteria for a VBA macro to find the tasks where Remaining duration should be set to Zero!

    If you don't like those criteria or if they are not exact enough, you could even add a custom flag on task level, which your resources could set via PWA-tasks (if that is feasible in your context of course). This flag, you can use in the VBA macro instead of the criteria above!

    The disadvantage is that this way of working uses MSP to run a VBA macro... so, as long as you PM didn't open his project(s), the corrections will not be applied. The ultimate solution would be to do the same corrections via .Net with the PSI on the server

    But for the time being, the VBA solution seems a good compromise (till the fix from MS is available)


    Saturday, December 17, 2011 1:34 PM