Lost everything Using the worst liveId functionality: change primary email RRS feed

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  • long and horror history:
    hi Formerly (up to last sunday )my live ID was ...

    i saw a funciotnality in liveID account about change my primary liveID email address to one on microsoft domains, so I decide use it.

    The system prompt for the new account and I type, I press Proceed  and finally the change was done , the live ID says: this will take up to 2 hours...

    now 48 hour after I lost everything , contacts, mvp suscription, msdn suscription, technet suscription and the worst: my moderator attributes and forum points /post / answers etc.... and microsoft support has no answers to me.

    So I want to get back all my forums points, post and answers into my new account : since I have no access to old liveID... 

    actually I've recreated my old liveID: to avoid anybody diferent to myself to use it, but obviously the old live ID is unlinked from any old activity.
    Tuesday, February 16, 2010 7:59 PM


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