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    I have been running the WHS RC for about a month now and have found some interesting programs and hardware that seem to work well with my system and make manageing the WHS much easier.  First a breakdown of my hardware:


    Intel 875PBZ MOBO

    2GB DDR 533 RAM

    Toshiba IDE DVD Burner

    Ahanix D.Vine 4 Case

    A-tech Fabrication 4X Drive Case

    ATI 800X pro AGP Card

    3COM NIC Card

    SIL 3124 Multilane SATA Card

    4 Seagate 320GB SATA II Drives (In 4X case) connected via Multilane Cable

    Intel 2.8 P4 processor


    Here is what worked straight out of the box:


    Motherboard assetts all indentified by WHS, I did run the latest intel INF utility and it did add the two on board SATA ports (which I am not using at the time) and USB 2 ports for high speed support.


    Here is what DID NOT WORK and some fixes:


    SIL 3124 Card.  Flashed to Basic BIOS after hards drives were attached.  Sounds weird but unless there is a drive attached windows will not even see the card.

    When setting up the WHS loaded the newest base driver during the first part of the setup, and during the server 2003 part using the F6 Key, no problems after that.


    My case has a VFD and I wanted to use it to monitor system temps and net statistics, easy fix, both Mother Board Monitor 5 and LCD Smartie worked with out a hitch.  (My VFD is a paralled port 4870 type).


    Onboard LAN, the WHS intall did not detect the onboard NIC so after loading using the above 3 Com card, the latest NIC card drivers from intel did install and the card worked fine.


    Hopefully this will help some of the folks out there.  A great motherboard that will function the same as the 875 is the 865 PERLK, it is still available, supported by Intel and cheap  it is what I would recommend to folks wanting to build there own WHS.



    Saturday, July 14, 2007 1:01 PM

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  • Hi


    did you manage to identify the individual HDDs, or were they all the same 'name' - ie what will you do if you want to replace one (failed) - we are using EXT USB2.0 drives (all 320GB) - and they all have the same ID (name) - making it impossible to identify / replace (should we need to)......




    Saturday, July 14, 2007 3:45 PM
  • This issue has been mentioned a few times, I think (hope) it will be addressed in a later release.



    Saturday, July 14, 2007 9:35 PM
  • Hi


    With the SIL 3124 I am using in the device manager, by clicking on properties a dialog box comes up showing each HD by seriel number attached to each port.  I deliberatly unplugged one hard drive and a dialog box came up in WHS saying a drive was problematic and what the Serieal Number was of the "Bad" drive.  This makes replaceing it pretty easy.  The only hard part is takeing apart the case to get to it.  If you go to the A-tech home page and look under HPTC I have the 4X passive cooled case (i.e. no fans) for my hard drives.



    Sunday, July 15, 2007 1:38 PM