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  • I have IE8.  I go to an MSDN library page or article for say WPF.  The text reads fine, but none of the XAML code samples display.  But if I use "view source", I can clearly see the code.  It just won't display in the browser.  To compound matters, I was just viewing a page on MAPI.  There were examples on that page that would not display either.  AND if I hit refresh, I see the code samples just for a second or two, then they are gone.

    Has anyone seen this, or can anyone point me to the right discussion group so that I can work through this.
    Les Potter, Xalnix Corporation, Yet Another C# Blog
    Thursday, June 4, 2009 10:24 PM


  • Oh do I feel stupid!

    I leave my original post here as an exercise in humility, I figured out my problem.  I also leave the original post in case someone else thinks there's a bug in IE or the MSDN web site that somehow hides all the code samples.  There is no bug of sorts.

    The problem was the page page I was looking at had C++ code samples and I (being so fond of C# as I am) had changed my "Language Filter" from "All" to "C#".  So, MSDN was dutifully hiding the C++ as I had asked.

    Les Potter, Xalnix Corporation, Yet Another C# Blog
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    Friday, June 5, 2009 12:56 AM