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  • Hello again,


    Still trying to work out how to transfer sync data through email ;-


    To try and understand how SS works I have ported the webservice code into a simple vb form with the hope of using "GetChanges" etc comands  to access the server data.

    These commands need the SyncSession (and other) data that is provided  I assume by the sync agent. This syncsession data is read only so I cannot pass any values other than the OriginatorId.


    If the syncagent is always on the client, how can I pass the syncsession data to the server given my data flow is;-

    On the Client;-

    Application Data->Changes copied to file->File copied to another PC-(via CD)>File Emailed to HQ

    Receiving data will follow the same path.


    Is there a case for 2 syncagents one on the server one on the client each looking after a set of partioned (up/down)data.?


    Have spent several days on this, and there is not much of a knowledge base to search from, and as you can figure from my comments I am no where near productive yet...


    Hope someone can help,




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  • Hi.
    I think you need to do basic things. This example is of UploadOnly (Means only Client to server ) type.

    1. Make ServerProvider with server connection string. (you main server database)
    2. Make ClientProvider with client connection string ( your local database .sdf)
    3. Make SyncAgent and give remote & local providers as serverprovider and client provider
    4. Make SyncTables which you want to synchronize with server.
    5. Make one SyncGroup in which all these tables will be grouped. (this step is optional).
    6. Make SqlSyncAdapterBuilder for each table.
    7. Make SyncAdapter for each SqlSyncAdapterBuilder  you have made.
    8. Add those SyncAdapter to ServerProvider.
    9. Call  SyncStatistics syncStatics = syncAgent.Synchronize() method to synchronize the data with server.

    If you want Bidirectional Data transfer means both way ( clinet to server and server to client) then you will have to follow the example given in syncgure.com and make extra tables and triggers according to your tables.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Meet VIjay Shah
    Saturday, October 13, 2007 4:44 AM