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  • I've been running Windows Live One Care now for years It's updates and installs are Hell but once the background services and everything syncs up back up to the update service and scheduling service and it gets a few routine monthly reports spit out it settles down I've not Had any Major issues only minor hiccups from time to time. even running a few Betas everything ironed out at the end. You can tell because my last post was weeks ago or even Months.


    I read some of the issues and I think is people only kept windows clean and away from un supported software they wouldn't have the issues I see and read about here.


    I also see some dealing with 3rd party anti virus security suites which One Care does the same and there are notices every where telling users remove all 3rd party anti virus and spyware protect before installing One Care that's Because One Care uses similar tools that would interfer with those apps

    Also Windows Live One Care only supports and it's only has supported software in it's polcy definitions If your using something that's not in the polcy defs that get updated regularly the fire wall and protection monitoring going to behave accordingly.


    Example of a Messed up system: I saw some one trying to install One Care over top McAfee Anti Virus trial and the computer had 20 apps showing in the task bar I asked how all those got in there. All I got was I don't know. In a case like that I just reload but the person didn't know what the Operating system was. So I did my removal of everything.

    Installed WLOC it found over 600 Issues it took hours to clean up but the computer still running it's build of xp sp2 because that wasn't even there. The system still running today.


    Windows Live One Care Running clean and normal too.


    So those Having issues I hate to say it but you must be doing something wrong.

    Saturday, April 19, 2008 10:13 PM