Almost all Microsoft Products 1 time activation. Smart but a real pain sometimes RRS feed

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  • I have and own a number of COA's for quite a few of your products. Packaged, licsense and all. No piracy. I deal with alot of personnal (own ) computers as with building them for children with special disabilities. There is a non-profit organization here in clovis ca called Play it Safe International. They beeen active for 25+ yrs. I do computer service for them free of charge because of what they do for children. I have installed your products on all my equipment. Some of which have crashed or other act. Then when I try to re-install I get You have used your limitation on use's or some ***. Then having to talk to your personnal, charming professional and thourough I do say for what seems hours is Getting OLD.  What do I have to do to have my license or key to install on more than 1 system without so my time and note taking. Please it would not only benefit myself or the children but everyone involved. Im going to play it safe today to install my Office 2007 home and student on my system there. So I will probably be speaking to you soon. Also for non-profit Organizations such as Play It Safe Int. Would they be aligable for any software rebates free, etc. these people Mr. and Mrs. Junnete have done so much these past 25+ years remarkable. They should be acknowleged some how. Thank You for what you may respond to or not.

    Sunday, March 30, 2008 4:40 PM