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  • Hi,

    I'm having a few teething problems with CRM in Outlook, we've synced the CRM contacts into the Exchange contacts and turned local caching on which has improved performance, which is fine. However, when we search a CRM contact we can find them, when we search an outlook contact we can find them, if we search a partial name, for example Martin, and there are Martins in both CRM and Outlook then only the outlook contacts are displayed, if there are no outlook Martins then the CRM will be displayed, is there a way to display both at the same time?


    My wife says I never listen to her, or something like that anyway.
    Friday, July 3, 2009 3:04 PM

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  • Its normal if you are using the Outlook Contact look for, then only the Contacts from both CRM Synched Contacts and Outlook Contacts will be listed.

    Some options:

    1. Synch "All the CRM contacts" to Outlook
    2. Use the CRM Contact Lookup to perform the search for CRM Contacts, if tracked all the Outlook Contacts, then this will be the same as 1.


    Saturday, July 4, 2009 5:27 PM
  • Hi Frank,

    Which I would expect to be the case, however as I said if the contact is in both then only the Outlook contact is returned. For example, if I have 40 people called Martin in Outlook and 25 in CRM then the 40 from Outlook are returned and no CRM, however, if I search on the full name of one of the CRM contacts then the CRM contact will be returned. Also, if Martin only existed in CRM and not in Outlook then it would also be returned, it's only if the search results exist in both that only 1 set is returned.
    All of the contacts are synched, btw.

    My wife says I never listen to her, or something like that anyway.
    Monday, July 6, 2009 7:43 AM