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  • I have been using HOTMAIL a good number of years now - and my CONTACT list is now rather long. So I decided to create number of GROUPS.  eg: ( 1 ) GROUP FAMILY, ( 2 ) GROUP FAMILY OVERSEAS, ( 3 ) GROUP FRIENDS, ( 4 ) GROUP FRIENDS OVERSEAS - Group this, that and the other etc etc.  When I go into the 9 dotted square up top - up comes "OUTLOOK, CALENDAR, PEOPLE etc etc.  When I click on PEOPLE the long list of my people contacts appear at the left hand side of my Computer screen.  I then create a "GROUP" and go up and down the people contact list searching for people that I think should be in that Group I created. Say I created that Group 3 years ago I have to go up and down that LEFT HAND SIDE PEOPLE GROUP searching the list for people that I think should be in whatever group they should be in.  I would find it a lot more simpler if when I transfer a name to one of my groups some form of recognition that the person from my People List is marked in some form eg: a Red DOT beside the name. It would indicate to me that I already have allocated that person to a Group. Currently when I go into my People Contacts - I see a name and WONDER if I have put them in which ever group I think is appropriate.. Sometimes it might be that the person is in two Groups.  Is there some way to mark them as being Actioned showing me that they have been appropriately actioned??




    Friday, May 11, 2018 12:59 AM