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  • dear Team
    I already setup a WSUS server, update it to the latest SP, choose what I want to download from MS update server, all this using network which is connected to the internet.
    Then I move the WSUS server to internal network (isolated, not connected to internet), configure the clients to use WSUS IP address (using GPO). create a new group of computers (in WSUS console), then move computers from Unassigned group to the new group (more than 700 computers). I specify in GPO to update clients everyday at 12.00.
    Then I approve some security updates for the new group. I can see some of them have status of 100%, 99%, etc, even some have 0% (not reported yet).
    Until a couple of days, this situation does not change. The computers which has 99% or 95% or others still remain, no changes happen.
    My computer (Win7) has 98%, it says "57 updates have not been installed" (from WSUS console). But when I check from the PC itself, it says that it is "up to date".
    Other PC (Win XP) also has no changes even in the console it says some updates have not been installed.
    I have done some research, but until now no solution to this problem.
    Can you help me please ?
    thank you
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