subject line max length for sending/tracking? RRS feed

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  • Hello - I seem to remember reading on the forums something about the length of the subject potentially impacting e-mail send/track ability. Can you refresh my memory about the rules and caveats around this?

    It looks like the default max length for the subject is 200 and the default max length for the title is 200. I think a common use case is that CRM implementors will put the full case title along with other info in the email subject.

    At what length does CRM start having issues with email length?  If a title is 200 characters long and then CRM appends a tracking token to the end and tries to save it then I'm assuming CRM will throw an exception via the database?

    Also, replies to the email will have re: re: re:, etc, that will extend the length of the subject that gets saved.  I'm assuming if the length of the original subject is 200 and the next email gets saved with "re:" in front then this will cause a CRM exception via the database?

    So to manage these constraints, do you normally include, for example, the first 20 characters or so of the title in the subject line to give yourself adequate room for growth? Is there any reason why CRM would have any sending/tracking issues with an email with a total subject length <= 200?
    Thursday, August 15, 2013 10:54 PM