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  • I am trying very hard to cooperate with your product, and I find the following things that are just frustrating:


    I successfully installed 1 of the 3 licenses, and I have two to go in our home with our one live ID.  Your system will NOT let me add anything more.  Your help sections and the complicated scripting-involved webpages and links freeze our PC's.  Once we reboot and check our connection all is normal, but as soon as we try to add the two more PC's your software freezes us up again.  I finally got LIve Care installed, but each PC has an "Urgent Message" quoted as follows:


    "Connect to finish installation"


    "One Care needs to connect to the Internet to finish installation.  Check this PC's connection and try again" 


    Talk about an excercise in frustration and futility and time wasting.  We are getting locked to this exact spot on the other two PC's and they are no different that the one I am typing on.  There is no Internet problem, NO connection problem.  As soon as I blow those two installs away, I will have my PC's back to normal again.  But this time I am leaving them installed with the URGENT attention message as stated above, until you can tell me what is wrong with your program or servers.  Half the time we get no web page found when we navigate to activate, reinstall, uninstall, and we can't even get your Live One Care Cleanup program....again just plain webpage screen freezes.


    C'mon Microsoft you folks are suppose to be the best....now show me some answers.  Each day that goes by, we lose another day on the 1 year subscription.  It is bizarre that you start TOLLING the subscription time on ALL THREE LICENSES as soon as the first one is installed.   This can't be happening.  Buy three licenses, and they all have to be installed at the same time in order to get the full year of licensing for each license.  It is so bizarre I am sending the information to the class action websites for consideration on getting you folks to change that really weird and illogical policy.  I did some checking around and Norton Anti-Virus 3-license packages does the same thing.  The AVG anti-virus software program does the same thing.    It sure sounds like a class-action lawsuit to me........

    Thursday, January 17, 2008 1:19 AM