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  • I have written code to sync file/folder data ( using filesyncprovider) with our custom document management system.  I have written a provider using FullenumerationsimplesyncProvider to do this.

    I need clarification on a few points.

    Lets say my file on the remote system is called test.txt ....
    Run the Sync - the file test.txt is synced locally as expected. ( since it was not there initially )

    Now if the remote file is modifed by someone else on the server and i modify the local file before the next sync runs, I would expect a collision update update conflict to occur....for which i have hooked up the appropriate events.

    I find that the conflict events are never triggered and the framework just syncs the file with the latest modified time stamp...i.e..if the server copy has a later time stamp, my local copy is overwritten with the one from the server, and i lose all my changes.  I would like to trap this event and then save both copies to the doc management system...

    Thursday, November 22, 2012 8:54 PM