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  • I recently ran into a situation where I was having some issues with the Windows Firewall on my Windows Home Server, so I did what I though would help me solve my issues.  If you open the options for the Windows Firewall on your Windows Home Server, there is an advanced tab with an option to “Restore Defaults.”  I figured this would restore the Firewall to the state it ships with Windows Home Server.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case; it restores the Firewall to a BLANK state, losing all the necessary exceptions for WHS to function properly.
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  • I'll note that all of the information in that article appears to come out of the Troubleshooting Windows Home Server Connector Installation document from Microsoft (which contains more information than just the article contents). I would personally stick with Microsoft documentation where available; it's conceivable that additional ports will be opened up if additional functionality is added with a power pack or update, and that document will be updated as needed where a blog post or online article might not be.

    And Bruce: you appear to be posting (i.e. copy/paste) RSS feed items. How about a simple link to Computing.On.Demand in your .sig instead? Still, very helpful, and thanks!

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