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  • What used to be a less than recommended hack in Windows XP has evolved to become a standard option in Windows Vista. This tweak is available as a supported feature exclusively in Windows Vista and involves redirecting your favorites to an alternate location on your hard drive. Now we have all come across issues with storing information on the boot drive. Personally, I keep nothing else on C: except for Windows.

    I never use the default location for photos, documents, pictures, and other personal documents. However, while storing those files on other drives is a streamline operation, the Internet Explorer Favorites are a whole different matter altogether. And as I have said, in Windows XP you had to implement a crack in order to perform a folder redirection for your favorites. Well, luckily, on Windows Vista this is no longer an issue.

    Via Windows Explorer create a new Favorites folder on a different drive than the one Windows Vista is installed on. At this point it is also safe to right click the new folder, choose properties, select the Security tag and then under Permissions for Authenticated Users check Allow.

    Now navigate to your original Favorites folder, again right click, and select location. In the Location tab you will be able to see something in the line of C:UsersnameFavorites, where “name” is actually the username. Simply replace this address with the one that you have just created in the alternate location.
    Friday, March 2, 2007 2:25 PM

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